RightPaw was started by a team of passionate dog lovers who all had the same 'ruff' experience. We went through the painstaking process of trying to find a puppy online. And it was exhausting! So many websites, no transparency around ethical standards, and no support along the way. 

And this is a big problem, not just for us humans. Many of the issues dogs face - from health concerns, to behavioural problems, and even ending up in shelters - can be traced back to a difficult start in life.


We believe the single biggest difference you can make to a dog's life, and the wider industry, is at the very start.

So we're building a better beginning. We're here to help every dog and owner start off on the RightPaw. 


Adelaine Ho

CTO, Co-founder

Pomeranian Lover


 CEO, Co-founder
Beagle Fanboy


CVO, Chief Veterinary Officer

Jack Russell Fanatic


RightPaw is the simpler, safer, supportive way to find your pet online.

Matching the right pet, from the right source, with the right owner. Every time.

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