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We help you find your new best friend.

THE RightPaw Difference

Here at RightPaw, we believe the biggest difference you can make to a pet’s life is at the very beginning. We help dogs and owners start off on the RightPaw.


Looking for a new dog, but not sure where to start? We help take the pain out of puppy searching.

We help understand the right breed for your lifestyle, showcase available dogs from our trusted breeder and shelter partners, and support you to welcome them home. We're there at every step.

We are a passionate team of puppy lovers, who help connect trusted breeders with responsible owners.


Save Time

Transparent, updated, and informative breeder and shelter profiles, all in one easy-to-use place.


Feel Confident

We only work with breeder and shelter partners that meet our independent, vet-approved criteria.


Feel Supported

No constant ringing around or e-mailing here. We guide you through every step of the process. From puppy breed to playdate, to purchase, and beyond. 



STEP ONE: Perfect Matching

Search through our curated profiles of available dogs, all from our vet-approved breeder and shelter partners. Future puppies depend on us making ethical choices now. Check out our RightPaw vet-approved criteria.

STEP TWO: Apply for a Best Friend

In a few simple clicks, create your profile and submit your application. We help you put your best paw forward, guiding you through the application process, and equipping you with the skills to be the ultimate dog parent.


STEP THREE: Welcome Home

From booking a playdate, to secure payment and settling home, RightPaw is there to support and answer questions at every step. We also offer a range of 'welcome-home' services including starter packs, pet food, in-home vaccinations, insurance, and training courses.

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