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RightPaw's Puppy Prep Program

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

At RightPaw, we talk to new puppy parents every day. We understand how overwhelming having a young puppy can be, sometimes unexpectedly so! If this is your first time having a dog, or you've always had adult dogs, the amount of effort and time puppies require can come as a shock! We also know that most people forget how tough it was if your last puppy was many years ago.

New pet parents often feel under a lot of pressure to do everything right, to ensure they give their puppy the best of everything, and protect them from health and behaviour problems. With so much to remember and so many different sources of conflicting advice - it can be completely overwhelming. But you are part of our RightPaw community and we are here to help! Our Puppy Prep Program is your complete guide to preparing for your puppy, bringing them home, health, behaviour and training. We're here to support you every step of the way. See the curriculum here.

What's in the Program & is it worth it for me?

Purchasing your puppy through the RightPaw website, or joining the Puppy Parent Club, automatically enrolls you in the Puppy Prep Program. We have something for everyone. If you are a first-time puppy parent you will love our series of articles and videos guiding you through everything you need to know, gradually rolled out from the day you secure your pup, throughout that overwhelming first two months at home. Got an older dog at home and feeling confident about doing this for the second time? You will love our in-built reminders for vaccinations, worming and socialisation advice.

You can join the Puppy Parent Club to access the Puppy Prep Program, any time - before your puppy offer, once you know you will be receiving a pup, or after your pup has arrived. There is content relevant to everyone no matter what stage of puppy parenting you are at.

Important before your puppy arrives:

  • What to expect when bringing your puppy home

  • How to puppy proof your house and garden

  • All about dog transport

  • Surviving your puppy's first night

  • An introduction to crate training

  • Toilet training your puppy ...and much more

Important after your puppy's arrival:

  • How to properly socialise my puppy

  • How to deal with chewing and play-biting

  • Common health issues in puppies

  • Preparing your puppy for alone time

  • An introduction to grooming ...and much more

You’ll also receive Smart Reminders throughout the first year of your puppy's life including vaccination and worming reminders to help you with your important puppy milestones.

Who wrote the Program?

The Puppy Prep Program has been developed by RightPaw's in-house vet, Dr. Imogen, with input from our breeders. Dr Imogen completed her vet degree at the University of Sydney in 2016. She has worked in various practices in the UK and in Sydney, and has a special interest in Canine Behaviour. She runs puppy school and behaviour consultations at her practice and is passionate about helping people better understand their pets.

In veterinary practice it is sadly all too common to meet very young, unwell puppies and kittens who have been illegally sold to well-meaning owners who have unwittingly spent thousands of dollars supporting irresponsible breeders.

Dr. Imogen believes that helping people make responsible choices at the beginning of a dog's life can have the biggest impact on animal welfare overall. By matching each family with a dog who is appropriate for their circumstances and from a responsible breeder, we can decrease the number of animals ending up in shelters, especially for behavioural reasons from families who can no longer cope.

Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game with her dog Oskar
Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game with her dog Oska
"Many health, behaviour and welfare problems can be avoided by ensuring responsible ownership from the beginning. We truly believe that educating the public about responsible ownership and working with responsible breeders is where we can effect the most change and make the biggest difference for animal welfare." - Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game BVSc N10918

Protect the future of puppies everywhere

By joining RightPaw's Puppy Parent Club, and accessing the Puppy Prep Program, you can have the confidence that your puppy comes from a responsible breeder, and you're supporting an ethical breeding industry. You're not just buying a puppy - you are protecting the future of puppies everywhere. Together, we can share a common goal of improving welfare standards in Australia!


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