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What to look for in a breeder

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

RightPaw lists over 1000 responsible breeders, and we have personally verified every single one so you can feel confident you are making a safe choice. All RightPaw breeders have shown they meet our vet-approved standards and are committed to responsible breeding. Help your puppy start off on the right paw by opting for a breeder from our fabulous community.

RightPaw responsible dog breeders

To help narrow down the right breeder for you here are some other factors to consider:


An experienced breeder who has seen it all will have a plan for every scenario. They will have a proven track record of producing fantastic dogs and lots of happy customers. By choosing an experienced breeder you will feel reassured and have the advantage of tapping into all their wisdom throughout your journey as a new pet parent.


Great breeders will know about health issues and common problems to watch out for in their breed and be keen to educate you. Look for a breeder who is conducting RightPaw’s recommended Core health tests. These breeders are actively trying to improve the genetics in their lines and will be able to tell you why their dogs are exceptional examples of their breed.


RightPaw breeders will usually encourage you to come and meet their puppies, their mother, and show you round their breeding facility. Where this is not possible due to distance, biosecurity or privacy concerns, ask your breeder if you can video chat them to meet your new puppy ahead of puppy pick-up day. Look for a breeder who will openly talk about their protocols and preferred products, and who is prepared to discuss any challenges they have encountered recently with their dogs and how they overcame them.


RightPaw breeders will list their transport options on their profiles so you can see if they sell puppies to your location. Finding a breeder within a few hours of your home is ideal as it is more likely you will be able to visit and pick the puppy up in person. This makes puppy pick-up simpler and avoids a longer, more stressful transport process. If your perfect breeder does happen to be further away from home however, you can feel reassured that RightPaw have conducted a thorough video inspection of the breeder’s home and many breeders are experienced at training their puppies to be comfortable with travel.

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A great breeder will not only be skilled in the practicalities of breeding and puppy rearing, many are also experts in their breed and a great source of advice for new owners. Be sure to ask your breeder all about the coat care, exercise requirements and common health issues in your chosen breed – they are a font of knowledge and can be a great contact for reassurance and advice throughout your pet’s lifetime.

RightPaw Outstanding Breeder badge

RightPaw’s Outstanding Breeders

Where you see a RightPaw breeder profile with an Outstanding Breeder badge, this means they have chosen to undertake an additional audit to prove they are meeting exceptional standards in health, socialisation practices and customer service. These breeders are highly recommended by RightPaw.

RightPaw Outstanding Breeder banner


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